Provo River Trail

The city of Provo is home to an impressive recreational trail that leaves little to be desired. Provo River Parkway is a beautiful 15.2 mile path that starts at Utah Lake State Park in Provo and ends at Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. This trail leads you through beautiful residential areas; state, city, and county parks; and even the base of Bridal Veil Falls for a spectacular view. Enjoy the summer months camping at Utah Lake State Park at the base of the trail.

Available along the path are restrooms, water, parking, and picnic areas for your enjoyment. Activities include biking, walking, skating, fishing, horseback riding, and in the winter: cross country skiing! Locals enjoy longboarding on this mostly flat trail. And don’t forget all of the activities the parks have to offer along the way. This inclusive trail is asphalt for easy wheelchair access and 8-16 ft wide with room for everyone!

In Provo, many amenities can be found in Utah Lake State Park (4400 W. Center St.) at the southern tip of the trail, as well as camping opportunities. Continuing on the trail through Provo, other options for parking and restrooms include: Fort Utah Park (200 N. Geneva Rd.), Paul Ream Wilderness Park (1600 W. 500 N.), and Exchange Park (900 700 W.).

Mid-trail in Orem, parking and restrooms can be found in Mt. Timpanogos Park on Provo Canyon Road (Highway 189).

On the northern end of the trail, parking, restrooms, and a water tap can be found in Canyon Glen Park (1501 E. Provo Canyon Rd.) and Nunns Park (off Highway 189); the latter also offers another option for camping.


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