Springtime in Provo

Spring has finally sprung in Provo, Utah and the city is blooming with beautiful flowers, the grass is greening up and the sun is (mostly!) shining.

One place to see beautiful gardens in the city is at the Provo City Center Temple located at 50 S. University Avenue. This site used to be the Provo Tabernacle built in 1883 by Mormon settlers. Unfortunately it caught fire on December 17, 2010 and most of the interior was destroyed. Only the outer brick walls remained intact. Firefighters went against standard procedures and helped save the exterior walls. In 2011, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints announced that the tabernacle would be preserved and be rebuilt as a temple! In 2016 it was dedicated. While you must meet certain criteria to go inside the temple, the grounds are open to the public. For more information on temples click here.

Other places to see springtime flowers-
Provo Temple, 2200 Temple Hill Drive, Provo
Utah State Hospital, 1300 E Center Street, Provo
Provo Canyon (Aspen Grove Trailhead or Timpooneke Trailhead to Emerald are great options)

Not located in Provo, but deserves a mention is Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. They are well known for their expansive gardens and specifically for their Tulip Fest which happens every April. 

Video courtesy of The View from Out Here

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