Finding a Home Rental in Utah

There are situations when individuals must rent rather than buy a home. Maybe you are waiting for your income to bump up so you can expand your buying power, or you are waiting for a new home to be built. Some individuals simply can’t buy due to poor credit or its not wise to purchase because they are only here for a short period of time. Whatever the case may be, where do you go to find a rental? In Utah there are a few reputable sites that we can recommend. Our first choice and one that we have used personally is called Rentler. Many people like using Facebook Marketplace to buy new and used goods and finding rentals is also an option. Craiglist is also another option but it’s not used as much in Utah as other markets. In fact, I find that when I post there I am more likely to get spammy messages so I usually avoid looking and listing on this platform. Utah has a very popular online classified site called KSL Classifieds, where you can also find news, radio, TV, weather. obituaries, etc so it has taken the place of Craigslist. In the video below we talk about rentals but let us know if we missed anything and if you have any further questions! 

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