new construction interior

With the current lack of homes in Utah for sale, new construction is very popular.  The builders cannot keep up with the high demand for housing.  One of the biggest concerns for builders is that labor and supplies continue to rise.  The cost of lumber has been the largest increase, followed by concrete. 

An experienced realtor is able to help buyers through the process.  The building time for a home is between six to twelve months if the subdivision is already started.  I was with a client last week and the builder is going to slowly release four lots a month.  One of the reasons that a builder would choose to sell homes this way is to help control the building costs.  My buyer was placed on a waiting list to be called sometime this spring. 

It can be very discouraging, but it can also give flexibility in looking at an existing home while waiting for the building lot to open up.  Every builder has their own format for selling homes as well as their own contracts.  It is my job to assist in the process.  The best part is that having a licensed realtor does not cost! 

If you have any interest in building a new home, condo, or townhome please let me know so that you can be provided with the information you need to make the best decision.


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