A poll done by the University of Berkley found that in 2019 there were 24% seriously considered leaving California and 28% were somewhat considering the move. You might ask yourself if you are not residing in California, “why would anyone want to leave the golden state of sunshine, coastlines, movie stars, and prosperity?”

The number one reason was the high cost of housing (71%) which exceeds $700,000. California Department of Finance reported the housing prices rose 6.1% from last year.
Fifty-eight percent felt like the high taxes are the driving force to leave California for a state with much lower taxes. Another 46% do not like the state’s political culture. O

Utah offers an attractive alternative for lower housing costs and taxes. Utah is also known for being a conservative state for politics. The typical value for a home in Utah is under $400,000 or around $176 per square foot. The single-family homes are usually larger and have more acreage.

There are many reasons to move to Utah. We are here to answer your questions, and help you start today to find your next home!

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